Why Neosens had to be my first exclusive partnership!

The first time I heard about the brand Neosens was when I was researching for a high heel to wear during one of my countless weddings (5!) in 2015. I knew I wanted to by a pair, which I could wear with as many dresses as possible, and which also looked classic, timeless, yet with a sense of coolness. Even though there are much more choices in my size (42EUR/11US), I am still searching very long as I do not want to by a “regular” shoe  – the one of the masses.

When I discovered the Neosens High Heel, I gave it a first look. Then a second. And I was like – hey this will work! The heel is not too high and not too low, the design is cut in a way so that my feet look smaller and the bow is giving it an overall cute look! And finally, the golden buckle give the shoe a fresh and cool look. It combined all the characteristics I was looking for! When I also learned, that the shoe is handmade, the decision was a no-brainer. Now, we are in 2018, the shoe still looks fresh and I am still wearing it with many different outfits. Ideal!

Neosens Damen S991 Restored Skin Ebony Montua

When I opened the shoe box, I immediately realized that Neosens was a special brand. The box itself is of high quality and the shoe comes with a fine shoe bag with which you can travel! Finally, Neosens also provides you with a small shoe kit, so that you are able to take excellent care of your shoes! I do not want to over exaggerate, but it was a great experience, which had a big effect on how I view the Neosens brand.

When it was finally time to find an appropriate collaboration partner for oversized, high quality, timeless, but modern female shoes, I was sure to try to cooperate with Neosens!

Right now, I will not go 100% into detail, how it all worked out – I will leave this for another post – I just want to say, that I could not be happier to have found this level of quality to offer to you guys!

But let me tell you a little bit about Neosens itself:

Neosens – handmade shoes from the traditional shoe region La Rioja

Neosens is a traditional shoe brand in the north of Spain, which produces handmade shoes! The region La Rioja owns 128 shoe manufacturers, and is the second largest exporter of goods after the wine industry!

No chemicals are being used for the production. Everything is produced on a hydrogen basis. Even leftovers of materials are being reused in other parts of the shoe.

Each and every single hole in the leather is handmade, the leather (originating solely from Spain) is proven thoroughly on its quality, and the glue for the sole is applied by hand.

The production process mirrors the values of the region. They draw inspiration from nature, organic forms, romantic air, feelings and the bountiful lit vineyards surrounding the area. The shoes combine tradition, design and craftsmenship perfectly.

Have a look at Neosens’ production process in this emotional vide below!

I hope you will have a great time with your shoes and that they bring you as much joy as they brought to me!